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<3 Loki

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Baby Girl

Unique and special in a way that we will never know

Blooming like a flower through the years as she grows

Bringing joy to the world with twinkling eyes and a smile on her face

A child so precious, no one can replace

With tiny little fingers and toes, there are secrets about her only her mother knows

The love and joy of a new born child, makes all the growing pains well worth while

You now, and always will be the mother of a baby girl

Even when she grows up to be a dancer with curls

Withhold all of the good memories, and learn from the bad ones

For one day she could be holding your garandson

This video and song make me so happy :3

Maximum Ride

Can I ask a question? Why haven’t they made a movie out of the Maximum Ride books?! I mean come one! That would be UHMAZING!!!!! (: <3

Interview 2

My second interview was with a woman who is 18 years of age who also does not wish to be named. She was bullied throughout middle school, which includes 6th through 8th grades. When asked these questions below, here were her answers, in quotations.

  1. How…

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